Supply Chain Design

Successful supply chain design is about deploying assets in ways that enhance profitability and shareholder value. Elite Logistics Group will consider market and sourcing strategies that will generate the best financial performance. We will work to identify the optimal number of plants, warehouses and distribution centers to maximize long-term profit.

In designing your supply chain our staff will consider your business objectives, resource constraints and subsequent financial impacts in order to define an optimal supplier-to-customer supply chain structure – one that cuts costs and increases profitability.

Elite Logistics Group creates supply chain models that will enable you to employ techniques that maximize profits and identify the least-cost solution required to meet your specific goals. They will help you predict how alternative risk management strategies will impact your performance and ability to react to market changes, before you commit time, capital and other resources to implementing the strategies.

Our modeling tools also enable you to make profitable decisions easily and perform ‘what if’ scenarios to confirm or re-evaluate assumptions made during the initial design process, and will help you optimize long-term capacity plans for production and warehousing, as well as allocation of customers’ orders to warehouses and plants.

We will always:

  • Identify opportunities to improve profits
  • Reduce supply chain costs
  • Improve responsiveness to your customers
  • Compare alternate strategies quantitatively
  • Model costs and trade-offs accurately

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